//Luna DNA Raises $4M for Community-owned Genomic and Medical Research Database

Luna DNA Raises $4M for Community-owned Genomic and Medical Research Database

Luna DNA, the first community-owned genomic and medical research database has raised $4 million in funding from lead investors Illumina Ventures and Arch Venture Partners. Additional investors include UK-based Bridgelink Capital; Seattle-based Hemisphere Ventures; and Dr. Aristides Patrinos, a former leader of the Human Genome Project and current advisor to Luna DNA. The startup plans to use the funds to support the next phase in creating Luna’s research platform and engaging a global community of data contributors.

Lunda DNA’s community owned genomic and medical research database enables people to share their health data for medical research for the greater good of the community. Members also get to share the earnings that come from medical breakthroughs through shared community ownership of the database. Luna DNA’s approach to medical research and discovery starts with the individual. Founded as a Public Benefit Corporation, Luna believes people have the right to own and share their genomic and health information for the greater good of the community. Through the community-owned approach, members are viewed as equitable partners and awarded shares of ownership in exchange for their DNA and other medical record contributions. Earnings from medical discoveries are passed through to the shareholders. 

“We are proud to have the right partners at our side as we continue on our charter of value creation and the greater good of genomic discovery,” said Dawn Barry, president and co-founder, Luna DNA. “Our team sincerely values our investors’ shared passion for a people-centered model to powering discovery research.”

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